Joint Enabling Capabilities Command provides decisive joint communications, planning and public affairs support to the Joint Force that will meet the emerging requirements of Combatant Commands and Joint Task Force-capable headquarters.

JECC consists of two subordinate commands that provide flexible, expeditionary joint planners, public affairs and communications experts who are experienced in complex joint operations:

Joint Planning Support Element, headquartered at Naval Station Norfolk, Virginia,  provides ready, tailored, rapidly deployable joint planners and public affairs professionals with expertise to accelerate the formation and increase the effectiveness of a joint force headquarters during emerging operations.

JCSE LogoJoint Communications Support Element, headquartered at MacDill Air Force Base, Florida, provides rapidly deployable, scalable, en route and early-entry communications capabilities across the full spectrum of operations in order to enable rapid action by the joint force.

JECC delivers unmatched joint operational command and control enablers to joint force commanders conducting emergent full spectrum operations. 

Through its subordinate joint commands, JECC: 

• Delivers superior enabling capabilities during operations
• Produces innovative solutions for mission success
• Engages with combatant commands and other joint partners
• Sustains readiness through multifaceted training
• Provides seamless integration with emerging partner requirements 

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