JECC has a presence on Air Force Network SharePoint 2010's Enterprise Edition. The following steps are provided for new JECC members to begin the process of obtaining an AFNET account. If you are an Air Force service member or civilian assigned to an Air Force unit, you should already have an AFNET Area 52 account with simple access to the AFNET SharePoint site. However, non-Air Force users (and some AF users) will need to request an AFNET Area 52 account using the below instructions.

**Please note, you must have a CAC-enabled computer to begin this process.**

STEP 1 - Establish an AREA 52 account

Each person needing an AREA 52 account:

a. Call the Enterprise Service Desk HelpDesk at DSN: 510-435-7337 or Commercial: 210-925-2900


b. Create a digitally signed email with the following information to send to the ESD HelpDesk:


Request my AFNet account be enabled for AFNet SharePoint Access.   Please create an AFNet Account for me if one does not already exist. Please enable my account in the Peoples OU, ensure the Account Expiration Date is set to "Never Expire", and remove the PCC code so my UPN is set to EDI-PI@mil.  

This is for AFNet SharePoint Access only.
Please DO NOT Provision my account.   

Be prepared to provide the following either over the phone or via email: 

    • EDI-PI Number (from the back of your CAC ID card)
    • First and Last Name
    • Rank
    • Unit and Office Symbol
    • Telephone Number
    • Base 

STEP 2 - Verify Access to JECC SharePoint

After getting an email that your AFNET (AREA52) account was activated:

a.  Go to JECC portal site on AFNET SharePoint (Click JECC Homepage); be sure to use your DOD Email
     CAC Certificate. You should have basic read permissions as a "JECC Visitor".

b.  If additional permissions are needed, please contact

STEP 3 - Unlock AFNET Account

a.  If you have accessed JECC SharePoint before, but it does not work, then your account may have been
     locked out due to inactivity and you will need to get your account unlocked as follows.

b.  Call the ESD Helpdesk at 618-256-2666 or DSN 576-2666 to unlock your account.


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