JECC 2020 Campaign Plan

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JECC Strategy
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This Campaign Plan’s purpose is to synchronize Joint Enabling Capabilities Command operations to stay relevant for the future and support U.S. Transportation Command and other combatant command priorities and objectives.

JECC conducts, synchronizes and aligns its operations, activities and functions to support emerging requirements from combatant commanders and USTRANSCOM major objectives. To accomplish these goals, JECC developed an overarching campaign plan that aligns core functions into four lines of effort: operate, innovate, train and engage.

The command is committed to providing dominant joint enabling capabilities to the warfighter and planning for and integrating those capabilities in support of combatant commanders, Joint Task Force-capable headquarters and other stakeholders identified in this plan. JECC is the premier proponent for ensuring joint force headquarters can stand up rapidly and provide effective command and control for U.S. and coalition forces as they go into harm’s way.

We invite you to check out this campaign plan and supporting documentation. It provides direction for JECC operations and the effective application of our resources.



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