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JECC provides decisive joint communications, planning and public affairs support to the Joint Force that will meet the emerging requirements of Combatant Commands and Joint Task Force-capable headquarters.

JECC is an agile, adaptive capability integrator that meets key Joint Force 2020 requirements for globally integrated operations by providing ready, relevant and responsive support for joint communications, planning and public affairs.

The 4th Joint Communications Squadron (4JCS) “Mustangs” pose for a group photo after completing their Annual Training, which took place May 9 – 23. The 4JCS Annual Training, which focused on the tactical operation of various communication packages as well as pre-deployment exercises and physical training, further prepared members for participation in future real-world missions.

Tampa, FL - On order, JCSE immediately deploys to provide enroute, early entry, scalable C4 support to the Regional Combatant Commands, Special Operations Command, and other agencies as directed; on order, provides additional C4 services within 72 hours to support larger CJTF/CJSOTF Headquarters across the full spectrum of operations.

Air Force Lt. Col. Richard Hughes, a member of the Joint Planning Support Element, explains the significance of the JPSE emblem, during the renaming ceremony on Jan. 20, 2012.

Norfolk, VA - The Joint Planning Support Element rapidly deploys tailored, ready, joint planners, operators, logisticians, knowledge managers, public affairs and intelligence specialists in order to accelerate the formation and increase the effectiveness of newly formed Joint Force Headquarters.