Col Wampler

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Col. Patrick Wampler - JCSE commander
Air Force Col. Patrick Wampler was commissioned in 1995 through the ROTC program at Tulane University in New Orleans and...Read full bio 

  The Joint Communications Support Element provides rapidly deployable, scalable, en route and early-entry communications capabilities across the full spectrum of operations in order to quickly enable the joint force.
JCSE, headquartered at MacDill Air Force Base, Florida, is composed of joint active duty, Guard and Reserve personnel who can globally deploy within hours of notification with communications packages tailored to the specific needs of a full joint task force headquarters and joint special operations task force.
As a joint Airborne/deployable communications organization, JCSE capabilities include:
  • Expeditionary – can deploy in hours
  • Early entry for a 40-seat joint command and control node
  • Commercial-air transportable
  • Seamlessly scales support from an early-entry package to a full joint force headquarters
  • Access to a full range of DOD and commercial networks
  • A robust 24/7 reach-back capability
JCSE’s rapid-deployment capability and lightweight-equipment footprint enable timely, secure and reliable communications service delivery during all phases of joint force headquarters operations.
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JCSE members operate an Early Entry Package JCSE member checks for connectivity A JCSE members uses a standard communications package during an exercise

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