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JECC Planners Course


JECC Planners Course is an "in-house" course designed to ensure JECC personnel have a common baseline of joint planning knowledge as they transition into their joint operational billets and conduct follow-on individual and collective training. The course is required training for new JECC personnel and is the foundational training requirement for personnel deploy-ability.


JECC personnel are trained as members of a joint planning group to apply operational art, operational design, and the joint planning process (JPP) in order to create a joint task force level operations order (OPORD) with Annex A.

JECC PC provides training grounded in current joint doctrine. The curriculum is organized around the seven steps of the JPP and operational design. It also provides an overview of JTF organization, an understanding of how strategic guidance shapes JTF planning, Commander's Communication Synchronization, and an appreciation of incorporating all elements of national power.

The course emphasizes working within a Joint Planning Group, interagency and multinational coordination, writing orders, and briefing senior leaders. The emphasis on these topics requires participants to break from their tactical level experiences and be inclusive of the non-DOD contributions to mission accomplishment.

JECC PC is offered quarterly and consists of 10 training days (8:00 a.m. to 6 p.m.) spanning a two-week period. The first five days focus on conceptual planning: operational design methodology and JPP steps 1 & 2. The second week focuses on detailed planning: incorporating conceptual products into JPP steps 3-7. At the end of the course, students are required to provide a complete OPORD with Annex A and provide a course of action decision brief to a senior JECC leader. The entire course is driven by a notional foreign humanitarian assistance scenario.

Although JECC PC is primarily designed as an internal training course for JECC personnel, students from other commands and interagency partners are welcome to attend on a "space-available" basis via a standby list. As it gets closer to the execution of each course, we give any remaining seats not filled by JECC personnel to people on the standby list (we contact "standbys" three weeks out). There is no cost to attend JECC PC as a guest; however, your parent command is responsible for any associated travel, per diem and lodging costs. All classroom materials are provided by JECC.

JECC PC 2021-4 Jul. 19 to Jul. 30, 2021 (No longer accepting non-JECC personnel)
JECC PC 2022-1 Oct. 18 to Oct. 29, 2021
JECC PC 2022-2 Jan. 24 to Feb. 4, 2022
JECC PC 2022-3 Apr. 25 to May 6, 2022
JECC PC 2022-4 Jul. 18 to Jul. 29, 2022
JECC PC 2022-1 TBD
JECC PC 2022-2 TBD
JECC PC 2022-3 TBD
JECC PC 2022-4 TBD

Signing up for JECC PC is easy. All prospective students – JECC or guest – must register to attend by submitting a completed JECC PC Student Registration/Biography Form. These forms are used only to help us assign you to an appropriate operational planning team (OPT) during the course. We try to spread the experience and skills across all four OPTs to deliver a better learning experience to students. Your information will NOT be used for anything else, nor will it be shared outside JECC.

Please do the following:

  1. Download the JECC PC Student Registration/Biography Form.
  2. Complete the form with your information.
  3. Save the form using the following naming convention: “LastName_FirstName_StudentBio”.
  4. E-mail the form to andrew.p.creel.civ@mail.mil and madeline.m.wiegand.ctr@mail.mil

*All applicants must have a current Secret security clearance in order to attend JECC PC (this is for building access; the course is entirely Unclassified).

**JECC Military Members must have a current Service specific PT test on record with Height and Weight standards being met in order to attend the course.

JECC PC Administrative Information and Reporting Instructions includes everything you need to know to arrive on Day 1 and begin the course.

Additional questions should be directed to:

Andrew Creel Course Director andrew.p.creel.civ@mail.mil 757-278-6829
Madeline Wiegand Program Coordinator madeline.m.wiegand.ctr@mail.mil 757-278-6837