To request more specific information about JECC, its capabilities, operations, and activities, contact
  24/7 JECC Watch Officer
Phone: 757-836-8939
DSN: 836-8939


Note: Let's suppose that you are a Group Leader (or you have been directed by your Leadership) and you need to research JECC and its capabilities. You do not have any professional Points-of-Contact assigned to JECC and therefore you don't know where to start. You visit and get a JECC introduction by browsing the material but you need more specific information.


This situation tends to indicate that you should submit an RFI by emailing the JECC Watch Officer. When you submit an RFI, be prepared to frame your question so that it can be accepted as a legitimate RFI. Provide some credentials more compelling than "I need this information because I'm doing a project" or "I'm researching capabilities." Frame the question so that it's clearly associated with your command's and/or JECC's mission.


When you send an RFI email to the JECC Watch:
  • If possible, send it from your dot mil or dot gov email so that your message cultivates the credibility it deserves. Remember that this is the wicked World Wide Web and bad actors spoof identities to advance their own agendas.
  • Digitally-sign the email using your active CAC's Signature certificate
  • Consider also encrypting the email if necessary
  • In some cases, for the sake of good OPSEC, you may not be able to include enough sensitive details in order to frame your question as a legitimate RFI. If this is the case, please be sure your contact information is detailed enough so that JECC can respond appropriately and jump-start the conversation.